Responsible AI Online Course

Master the responsible use of AI and learn how to use Generative AI tools efficiently for enhanced productivity while avoiding their limitations, potentials risks and bias issues.

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What you'll learn

Course completion in 1 hour

Learn the basics of Large Language Models and how their probabilistic nature affects their responses.

Appreciate the importance of balanced prompts to eliminate user bias.

Learn what are the ethical implication when interacting with Generative AI like Bard, ChatGPT, Bing.

Understand the ongoing threat of prompt injection.

Learn about the best practices that will assist you in avoiding issues associated with Generative AI, such as data leakage, poor decision making, inaccurate data, and biased training.


There are no advanced preparations or prerequisites.

About the Course

In this course, we will delve into the interaction between individuals and Generative AI tools as they carry out their role-specific tasks. You will gain insights into understanding the limitations, potential risks, prompt biases, and ethical dimensions associated with these tools. Additionally, you will discover how adhering to responsible AI practices can not only ensure enhanced productivity but also promote ethical and effective utilization.

Who this course is for

Get a certificate at the end of this course

Everyone who uses Generative AI tools for their work or studies, such as Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing.

Course Content

Responsible AI

Video Lessons(MM:SS)

1. Course Outline 03:16

2. Better Performance With Generative AI 03:24

3. Generative AI Use Cases 02:54

4. What Are The Large Language Models 05:12

5. Generative AI Limitations And Risks 11:36

6. Confirmation Bias And Balanced Prompts 10:10

7. Data Leakage 05:30

8. Ethical Considerations 04:44

9. Customized ChatBots 06:26

10. Prompt Injection 04:20

11. Best Practices For Responsible Use 03:38

12. Summary 02:52

User Reviews

“I'm not a data scientist but Responsible AI course made AI ethics accessible to everyone. Now I understand the ethical implications of AI and can contribute to the daily work & conversation.”


“As a policy analyst, I needed to grasp the ethical dimensions of AI. This course provided a comprehensive understanding of AI governance and helped me draft more responsible AI policies.”

David Loo

“I enrolled in this course as a business owner curious about AI's ethical implications. The course gave me a competitive edge by aligning my business with responsible AI practices.”

Emily Sin

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn a certification upon finish the course?

To earn a Certificate of Completion, you must complete all the lessons in the course.

How long does the course take?

We've prepared approximately 1 hours of learning content for you, however it is a self-paced online course and you can complete it on your own time.

How long will the course be available for me to complete?

The course will remain in your learning library for 1 Year.

How do I make payment?

We accept payments from any visa/mastercard transactions.

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