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Add intelligence layer in your decision-making before you train, hire, or buy new technology.

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The Center of Applied Data Science

50-200 Employees • Technology and Information
Singapore, Singapore
As pioneers of the ASEAN data ecosystem, The Center of Applied Data Science (CADS) continues to be a transformational catalyst for the workplace. CADS is a Skill Intelligence Platform™ (SIP) that maximizes business potential and turns enterprises into Data-Driven Organizations™ by empowering data-driven decision making, expanding workforce data literacy and enhancing analytics for hiring. We aspire to futureproof the world by improving data literacy as an economy for the workforce.​
step 1

A traditional state-owned water utility organization with a workforce size of 800

  • improved employee productivity 5x
step 2

A major global oil & gas player with a workforce size of 2,500

  • improved employee engagement index by 10%
step 3

An ASEAN financial institution with a workforce size of 45,000

  • improved business ROI by 3x
  • supervised user

    Bridge culture gap to become data-driven organization

    Analyze your organization’s data-driven maturity level

    Pinpoint misalignments between leaders and the workforce across strategy, analytics, data, technology, organization, and talent.

    Align your teams, organization-wide

    Understand data-driven maturity
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  • design services

    Bridge skills gap to build institutional skills

    Gain clarity of skills requirements

    Take your organization's development entirely online with meaningful social interactions through virtual

    Develop strategy to acquire skills

    Assess the skills of talents

    Upskill talents

    Mobilize talents internally

    Gain clarity of skills requirements
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  • memory

    Bridge process gap to support new business processes

    Augment workforce with technology

    Equip workforce with relevant tools to get their jobs done better, faster, and cheaper.

    Incubate projects

    Bridge Process
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We are changing the lives of 5,000+ youths to grow their career as data literate professionals.

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